Working through Energetic Blocks with Ali Sievewright

On your spiritual path, you’ll come across concepts like blocks, energetic blocks, karmic blocks, blocks and restrictions, shadow work, or any other variation. 

There’s a reason we should pay attention because these blocks have much power to influence your decisions making … and often it’s not for your highest good. 

Today I’m joined by Ali Sievewright,  Holistic Business Coach, Reiki Master- Teacher, & Spiritual Guide. 

Over the past 23 years she’d had the privilege of helping women release energetic blocks holding them back from stepping into their most powerful self & manifesting the life & business that they most desire & deserve. 

Our conversation led us to explore the world of energetic blocks.
What are energetic blocks?
How to recognize them?
How they impact your life (without you even knowing it).
How to release them.

You can find Ali over on her website at Karmic Healing Solutions or helping women inside her Manifestation Vibration Code course.

All my love, 

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▲  Ali’s Website Karmic Healing Solutions
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