You are in the creation Rhythm + Flow of the

wild WeavEr

Hey Wild Weaver!

I have a few words for you

• Wild Weaver •

Your Aligned Frequency

The Wild Weaver has the ability to take the formless and give it form.
When you are embodying the Wild Weaver, you are a brilliant strategist, creating the plans and physical support systems to birth an idea or concept in this reality. You have the discipline and perseverance to follow through with that strategy and execute it flawlessly to create.

Word Inspiration

Follow through
• Wild Weaver •

Your Shadow Frequency

The shadow frequency of the Wild Weaver is a fear of responsibility, a fear of standing in your own power, and a fear of being inadequate to see things through.

You rely on facts instead of your wisdom. Looking outside yourself for confirmation on the strategy to pursue (not trusting your own intuition, instinct, and expertise.

Double checks your every step for fear of missing something yet progressing forward very slowly.

Word Inspiration

Analysis paralysis
Fear of moving forward

Embody the Frequency of the

wild WeavEr

Feel >
• A Prayer •

May you settle in a state of calm and openness allowing all your earthly skills and intuition to form the strategy and plans to implement the vision. 

May you trust your own process, moving ahead one step at a time even when the entire path is not always visible. 

No longer you will be afraid to move forward for fear that you are not enough, for fear of failure … staying stuck in the safety of analyzing, or being busy doing everything but the one thing that will move you forward.  


May you have the patience and perseverance to build your dreams one brick at a time. 
May you have the courage to embody your vision and gift it to the world.

Return to SElf

Out of the Shadow and into the Light Meditation Journey

When you are finding yourself playing out the actions and patterns of the shadow frequency, use this journey into energy space to explore the tension and remove the layers that no longer serve. Return to Self and begin to create your world from a place that feels true and whole.

Download your Meditation Journey

TunE into The frequENcy

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Energy Coach, Energy Channel, and your Cosmic Engineer of New Worlds.

My mission is to change not just the way in which we do business, but the reason why we do business.

While we have a long way to go before we can build a world in which commerce is sacred, we are the future ancestors who must lay the foundations to make our dream a real possibility.

Fueled by the dream.
Anchored in the present.
Honouring the current age we are moving through.
Seeding the possibilities.
Rooting the dream into reality with the available aligned action, we move forward.

What’s NexT


As a business owner, you are constantly receiving inspiration and have the impulse to create.

As you explore what is your unique way to capture your soul inspired desires, feel into your purpose, express your gifts, voice your music, offer your services, and create your business as a vehicle for transformation … I invite you to find your creation rhythm and flow state … then begin to play!

As an Energy Coach and Energy Channeler, when we work together you’ll benefit from receiving clarity on your vision, tuning into your Soul blueprint, feeling the desires of the energy of your business, clearing any fears, working your shadows, and transforming limiting beliefs.

My zone of genius happens to live in the realm of uncomplicating concepts (material & esoteric), organize them into workable language, plans, and instructions, and implement them to completion so that projects, dreams, and goals are brought to their full potential.

It would be an honour to continue to support you in unraveling your vision of engineering a new world.

Book a call to explore how you can bring your creations to life.

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