(1-3 day)

Tech Retreat

Cosmic Engineer, you’ve got a business to grow, offers to share, and your purpose to get busy living!

not even tech is going to slow you down.

You have powerful magic and medicine inside you

What you don’t have is time.

Time to YouTube tutorials.
Time for learning new platforms through trial & error.
Time to do everything yourself.

Stop spending time doing things that don’t light you up
say hello to your

Tech Retreat VIP DAYs

A 1 – 3 day quick turn around to get through your dreaded punch list of back-end biz+funnel tasks for established business owners who desire to get things done and continue to engineer new worlds.

This is perfect for you if time is running out & you need to get your vision done yesterday
  • Brand, messaging and positioning intensive
  • Funnel strategy intensive
  • Content strategy intensive
  • Simple sales page and landing page design
  • Set up of your business hub, systems and processes with Notion
  • Funnel integration and setup
  • Punch list of tech work and integrations
We weave tasks into reality so you can live your vision fasTer

Strategy + Tech done in a day (or two)

How it works

Choose a date that works for you and book it with a 50% deposit

Do a little prep work to ensure that we’re ready to go on intensive day

Have a kick-off call with me a few days before, just to make sure everything is good to go

Sit back and relax on the day of the intensive, while I work my magic! Simply be available for quick approvals + decisions

Gather for a hour hour posT-Intensive for any final adjustments to your project

Enjoy 30 days of post-intensive support so that you can get any questions answered

Starting at $750
Current beta pricing for limited spots

To offer your medicine to the world

You need a bridge to translate your vision into this physical reality.

here on earth, it’s called your funnel.


In this stage, you need clarity on who you are, what is your medicine, what business model works best for your energetics, what offers desire to be created.

You also need to understand who you serve, their shadow frequencies, their gift frequencies, your messaging, and your market positioning.

You’ll need to put this together into a customer journey, content strategy, and funnel strategy you’ll execute in the next phase.

I love using Energy Coaching, astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys for this step!


This stage is about executing the plans and strategies of the Visioning stage.

You’ll create your captivating free offers, and their landing pages and connect the technology needed to deliver them to the Souls entering your world. From funnel setup + integration to delivering a nurture email sequence, tech is becoming an ally to make your offers manifest.

You’ll desire to share your offers and create your invitation (sales) pages, connect all your software so everything speaks to each other and have processes to deliver your freebies, coaching, courses, ceremonies, or group events.

You’ll need the support systems to run your business such as a business hub, automated calendar bookings, your CRM systems, content creation systems amongst many more.


You are in a relationship with your business from the very start.

This stage is a constant process of refining based on feedback from your own energetics, the response your audience is having to your content, and of course, the analytics will also tell you a story.

In this phase, you generally accumulate a punch list of things to do.

You’ll refine your messaging, positioning, headlines, and copy so that is in consistent alignment with your ever-evolving growth.

You’ll make updates to your funnel, create new free offerings to test, add new offers and be open to nurturing your business by following the breadcrumbs from energy space and the results you see in physical reality.

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria

Energy Coach, Energy Channel, and your Cosmic Engineer of New Worlds.

My vision is to change not just the way in which we do business, but the reason why we do business.

While we have a long way to go before we can build a world in which commerce is sacred, we are the future ancestors who must lay the foundations to make our dream a real possibility.

Fueled by the dream.
Anchored in the present.
Honouring the current age we are moving through.
Seeding the possibilities.
Rooting the dream into reality with the available aligned action, we move forward.

As an Energy Coach and Energy Channeler, when we work together you’ll benefit from receiving clarity on your vision, tuning into your Soul blueprint, feeling the desires of the energy of your business, clearing any fears, working your shadows, and transforming limiting beliefs.

My zone of genius happens to live in the realm of uncomplicating concepts (material and esoteric), organize them into workable language, plans, and instructions, and implement them to completion so that projects, dreams, and goals are brought to their full potential.

How you can use your Tech Retreat


Develop an aligned brand, messaging and positioning based on your astrology chart, Human Design, and Gene Keys. You can walk away knowing how you are energetically designed to be in business, your unique messaging, your client journey, and your offer suite.


Content strategy intensive to focus on generating content based on your client journey and for each step of the buying process. Through energy coaching, we tease the topics from within you. You can have your content creation system and a wide range of content ideas ready to go.


Simple freebie design (eg. 5 page PDF, audio meditation, downloadable freebie), with a beautiful and simple opt-in page and tech integration to bring a new soul into your business. For more complex freebies such as archetype quizzes or webinars, we can simply add more Tech Retreat days.


Simple sales page design for your offer. Once you have your copy ready to go, I can design the pages needed to bring your offer to life. We can add additional Tech Days for the testing phase, complete the funnel integrations + software connections, add email sequences inside your email marketing system, etc.


So underrated, yet so important. Set up your back-end systems and processes that will allow you to get your business tasks completed faster. Create your Business Hub in Notion to house all your systems (for solo entrepreneurs or to collaborate with teams). CRM, lead + outreach process, common templates for responses, content creation system (blogs, social, podcasts), automated call bookings, invoicing + financials, brand hub, and so many more.


Punch list of accumulated tech tasks. You’ve gotten yourself so far and did a bit of this and a bit of that to get your funnel ready to go live. Maybe your sales page is designed but you need to connect everything. Maybe you need minor updates to imagery, set up new back-end system. Add all your tasks from various phases of your business and funnel into one Tech Retreat Day and get them off your plate.

plan your Tech retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if you are desiring to get things done faster than using a more traditional longer project-based system for doing work. Can you imagine no more back-and-forth that draws out work unnecessarily?

We will need about 2 to 3 weeks of preparation for your Tech Retreat day (or days) and then your project is complete!

We simply add more Tech Retreat days. Building a funnel end-to end is a very time-consuming process and impossible to get it all done in a day.

Yet I’m willing to bet you have a lot of tasks in varying stages of completion and don’t necessarily need someone to do it all for you, but to fill in the gaps.

When we break down your funnel into smaller and more manageable components add focused time to complete it, we can get a lot done.

Start with one day, see how far we get, and add more days as needed.

Potentially yes. Depending on your vision and what systems you already have in place, there might be additional tools and software that will be needed. Nothing will be a surprise, as we discuss all possibilities in our call together.

The regular rate for a Tech Retreat Day will be $1250 USD. Half days will also be available depending on the scope of work.

Currently, I am beta-testing my process, and enjoy a discounted rate for a limited time.

Yes. In my experience when we are in the process of creating something we are attached to the outcome, we all need support.

I do not know how to create your project without also holding you in a safe energetic space so that you may process any fears, resistance mechanisms (such as confusion, procrastinating, backtracking, spinning, etc), or any thoughts that desire to be explored and transmuted. Sometimes you’ll need the practical side of energy coaching, and other times the energetic side of energy coaching to support the moment.

You my dearest Soul are going to be an active participant. Your commitment is to be available for speedy replies, approvals, and on-the-go decisions.

Before your Tech Retreat Day, I require your commitment to quickly provide the needed access, assets, and resources for me to be able to complete your tasks.

On the Tech Retreat Day, I require you to be available via Voxer for speedy replies. You need to be available to me so that I can complete the work. Remember you are paying for my attention and focus on your business, not for the amount of work that gets done.

Depending on what is being accomplished, be ready to hop on Zoom intermittently.

We co-ordinate based on your schedule and time zone difference when I do the work and when to set time for dynamic conversations.

I am familiar with a wide range of platforms. The choice of platforms depends on what you already have, what makes sense financially to invest in, what is easiest for you to use (because I believe you need to have self-agency to make any changes you need … when you need them), and what can support your business for the long run.

The combination of technology will be unique to you.

I’d be happy to explore your needs and if they are in my wheelhouse. On the inquiry form simply let me know what you have in mind and book your call where we can discuss them further.

There are some things that are not in my zone of genius (such as creating custom code). In this case, I will let you know with honesty. I do have a network of amazing Souls I could recommend to you instead, in any case, I will do my best to share what I know and set you off on your next breadcrumb