The Tech Studio

Make tech your Ally

Back-end systems, software, funnels, and automations that free you to focus on your magic + medicine.

Weaving systems + technology to create the fertile soil on which your business prospers.

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May I be honest with you?

You have powerful magic and medicine to offer and playing nice with software feels a little … foreign.

Save hours, ditch the icky vibes, and let technology support you with the freedom to live your purpose.

Marketing systems feel icky. Automating your business feels daunting.

And you just did something you swore you’ll never do again … spent hours on something ELSE that doesn’t light you up.

What you really need is a process to:

▷ translate the energetics of your vision then

▷ organize them into workable language, plans, and instructions, and

▷ implement them to completion

▷ so that projects, dreams, and goals are brought to their full potential.

This is my medicine

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Rent My Brain

Strategy Power Hour

Let’s strategize what you desire to create in your biz + create the best action plan to make it a reality.

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Funnel Strategy + Creation

Include the research and exploration to create your offer suite, business model, and all the required back-end systems.