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Relationship Reading

$222 USD – 60 min Zoom call

Through your relationships, you learn a lot about who you are and who you are not.

I believe that relationships are most in service to us when we become aware of how they help us (or not) express our divinity.

Yet this is when our emotions often cloud what we often need to see most. Our time together will give you clarity and validity in how your relationship is helping your Soul evolve.

This session is for you if you want to have a detailed understanding of the energetic landscape of your relationship so that both parties can begin the work to enter into a devotional relationship or work through challenging times.

What’s Inside

The Blueprint Section

The main energy that your Soul is made of.
How this energy shows up in your life when you are positively expressing.
The negative aspects and cycles you fall into when you’re not expressing your energy center in alignment.
We’ll look at what you are naturally amazing at … this is your Soul gift.
I’ll have a look at the first start system you incarnated after your Soul’s creation. This will give you more information on traits and gifts that come naturally to you.
I’ll look to see which life lesson your relationship is supporting.

Note: I can only look up this information for your partner if I have their permission before the reading begins.

The Combined History Section

How many physical lifetimes you were incarnated together and the nature of the relationship during that lifetime (lovers, spouses, friends, parent, child, co-worker)
We look at any negative karma between you and the other individual that is playing out in your relationship.
We look to see if there are any Soul level contracts that are affecting the relationship negatively.

• Possible Karmic PatTERNS •

Look for Godspark damage (This is how you receive your energy from Source. If you’re exhausted all the time this can be a reason why)
Any hooks and cords that need to be severed.
Are there any spirit guides on your team that are upholding a pattern that is no longer helpful to you?
Are there tears or scars on your Golden web that are allowing for energy to leak out of you?
Are there any issues with your Soul’s memory system?
Are there any attaching Souls currently draining your energy?
Are there any Earthbound Souls currently attached to you and draining your energy?
Is there a particular thought pattern you are engaging with that is out of alignment?
Do you have any compassionate connections, soul mate Contracts, vows, or bargains made with another Soul that are not serving your best interest right now?
Is your Soul holding on to unjustified karma?
Are you experiencing any Soul loss or holding a piece of someone else’s Soul?
Are there any portalways open to past lives, the astral realms, or to your subconscious that are distracting you from your current experience?
During your sleep, are you experiencing any negative or incomplete astral travel that leaves you waking up drained and depleted?

The Karmic Patterns Section

In this section, I look to see what blocks and restrictions are specifically affecting your relationship and which ones are affecting your relationships in general.

There is a wide range of possible shadow patterns/ karmic patterns that are ready for you to work through and let go of that energy.

What comes up to be cleared is based on what your intention is for this reading and what energies your relationship is ready to move beyond.

To give you an idea of what I’ll be looking for, this is a sample of the types of blocks and restrictions that can come up. Please remember that you will not have all of these patterns come up 😉

The Energetic Clearing Section

Intention is Everything.

Awareness of our karmic patterns and how they play out in your day is potent. It’s enough to shift you into taking new action … steps that will actually bring you to your goal.

As part of your reading, you’ll receive a 21 day clearing process customized based on what patterns are showing up in your life that are ready to be released.

What this reading is NOT

In this reading, I will never tell you if you should leave or stay. I believe that you are the powerful creator of your experience and only you can make those choices. What this reading does offer is an energetic landscape of your relationship.

This translates to you receiving a lot of information about how and why things are going the way they are. Why do you or your partner feel in certain ways? Why do things seep showing up the way they do? What support do you need to align to your blueprint (which is included in the reading) that you are not currently receiving? How can you show up as a better partner to your significant other?

It is my deepest hope that the information you receive in this Akashic Record Relationship Reading will provide you with clarity, ease, and joy about how you want to shape your relationship.


 Have clarity about how to make decisions that are in alignment with who you are
Understand how your relationship is supporting your Soul’s evolution
Widen your interpretation of events and dynamics in your relationship and see your partner as a Soul
Have a deep understanding of what it will take for the relationship to support both of you and evolve into a devotional relationship.
 Clear the heaviness of patterns that are holding you stuck repeating the same damaging patterns over and over
 Have an influx of energy to take on new inspired action to transform your relationship and speak the Truth of your heart with compassion.
Understand how your relationship with a past lover helped your Soul evolve and the lessons your relationship supported.

Appointment Booking

This session will be 60 minutes long zoom call. You’ll be provided with a document outlining your basic Soul Blueprint, your shared history, and what’s standing in your way. You’ll also receive a recording of our call. I access your records prior to our meeting allowing us to have a profound conversation about your divine self expression.