Remember your Soul Blueprint! Book Your Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading


When you remember who you are, a shift happens. You gain unwavering confidence in your authentic path forward and the inner power to walk it fiercely.

Our time together will give you clarity and validity in how you are designed to navigate this world to attract your abundance (health, wealth, and joy).

This session is for you if you are going through a change, a transition, doing shadow work, shedding your old, feeling stuck, crave a change from your situation, or want to manifest a new experience … yet you’re unsure how to follow the breadcrumbs to change your circumstances.

In this akashic records reading you’ll:

Learn the main energy your soul works with and is designed to experience itself while incarnated
Discover traits you identified with from the first soul group you incarnated in
Discover your soul gifts
What negative patterns you are prone to expressing when out of alignment
What negative karmic patterns are currently ready to be cleared right now.

After our work together you’ll:

Have an unshakable validation of what makes you shine
Have clarity about how to make decisions that are in alignment with who you are
Clear the heaviness of patterns that are holding you stuck from birthing your new experience
Have an influx of energy to take on new inspired action to transform your current circumstances and move you closer to your goals.

Please note on your first reading you will receive your Soul’s Blueprint. In any subsequent readings, we can look more in depth in other areas of your life such as:
The negative patterns influencing your current Life Situation that are preventing you from reaching your goals (most common)
Take your parenting to the next level by discovering your children’s Soul Blueprint (up to 2 kids)
Learning the unique way you manifest by discovering your Manifesting Blueprint
Discovering the primary and secondary Life Lessons
Completing a Chakra Profile to look for any imbalances
The dynamics of a Relationship (children, parents, romantic, co-workers, etc)
Learning who is on your Spirit Guide team

Appointment Booking

This session will be 90 minutes long zoom call. You’ll be provided with a document outlining your blueprint, what’s standing in your way, along with the recording of our call. I access your records prior to our meeting allowing us to have a profound conversation about your divine self expression.

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