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The Inspired Shift Podcast

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It took me a long time to find the right way to describe what The Inspired Shift means to me.  The name came to me a few months ago. The Inspired Shift is my journey to spend time with my soul.  To take my soul and truest version of myself out of the box I locked it in for so many years. 

To start trusting my intuition.  To let go of resentments. 
To parent my kids with mindful teachings and hold the space for them to grow.
To be the best partner I can to my husband. 
To grow a business that is aligned with my soul.

I merge spirituality and grounded action.

I dive into how we can make shifts in our thinking, emotions, and daily action to actually experience self-love, health, joy, freedom, and yes, material abundance too.

My mission is simple. To remind you of who YOU are, look at what patterns of choice are holding you back, and move you to express your most authentic Self.

I’m a health coach, a kids fussy eating expert, a culinary nutrition expert, and a workout lover. You’ll find I weave nutrition, parenting and mindful living throughout this space.

I’d love for you to stick around and share this experience with me. 

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Enjoy the Inspired Shift.

Spend more time with your soul.

– rebecca campbell
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