What is The Wild Wonder Whispers Podcast

Listen and Follow the wild wonder whispers of your Soul

An invitation to take your Soul and the truest version of yourself out of the box you locked it in. Here, we merge spirituality with grounded action. We navigate the messy process of change so that you can courageously take the inspired actions to shed the old and create your new.

We talk about the shifts in our thinking, emotions, and daily action to actually experience self-love, health, joy, freedom, and yes, material abundance too and Return to Self.

I cultivate a deep relationship with Mother Earth and my Celestial Council. I am in service to helping humans return to self, so that they may become the ancestors who paved the way for a better world.

I help business owners cultivate their energetics and implement technology as The Bridge to create the physical structures they will use to be in service to their communities.

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