Akashic RecordS

Learn to Read your Akashic Records

$444 CAD
3 Zoom sessions – 2 hours each

Everyone has the ability to access their own divine guidance whether that means accessing your records or other Divine Beings.

In this experience, we work together to attune you to the frequency of the Records so that you can access them at will.

In our time together, I will walk you through various practices
customized specifically for you in order to find the easiest and most effortless way you access information.

This is for you if you are longing to receive your own guidance, build your relationships in the world of Spirit, and apply this information in your everyday life. If you see this as an empowering opportunity towards reclaiming your Soul Sovereignty, then this is for you.

Learning to access and read your Akashic Records will be accomplished in 3 sessions each one lasting 2 hours.

How it Works

Session 1 – Building our Frame of Reference and Attunement

We begin by building a frame of reference to understand what exactly are the Akashic Records as an access point.
You’ll have a deep understanding of what type of information is best to access inside the Akashic Records and what information is best obtained from other access points along with how to merge them together to get a clear picture about how to move forward.
You’ll learn how to have crystal intentions.
There will be 2 guided exercises to access the records to attune you to their frequencies.
You’ll meet your helper team inside the Records

• Goals of this session •

Learn how to use the Akashic Records in a way that translates to change in your everyday life.
Learn my simple process to discover energy blocks that are holding you back.
Discover how to enquire inside the records what the pattern is and where it came from.
Obtain information to understand how this energy is playing out in your everyday life.
Learn about the power of questions
Understand how to structure your questions to get the best out of the Akashic Records.
Guided exercises to deepen your relationship to the Akashic Records

Session 2 – Shadow Work Inside the Records

The Akashic Records, are here to help us make decisions in our everyday life that will bring us closer to living in our joy.

In this session, we dive deep into using the records for healing and bringing our Sacred Self into the everyday.

Session 3 – Practice Session

We put everything you’ve learned and practiced into action so that you feel 100% confident in making the Akashic Records a relied upon tool for your spiritual journey.

In this session, we both access your Records at the same time and work through a pattern (or life situation) of your choosing. We share our findings.

The goal of this session is to set you up for using the Akashic Records on your own with a clear example of what to do with the information your receive.


 Have a process to access the Akashic Records whenever you need them.
 Have clarity about how to navigate the Records to obtain the information you are longing for.
▲ Understand how to translate what you receive from the Akashic Records into your everyday life.
 Use the Akashic Records as part of your spiritual journey.