How to consciously navigate conflicts with your kids

Communicating the truth of our hearts does not always mean saying nice things.  The real test is how you share from your most authentic place when you have something difficult to express.  

There is no area more tender than communicating difficult truths and life lessons with your children.  

In this episode, we are diving into the world of conscious parenting with my guest Andréanne Lefebvre Legault of Co Presence Coaching.

It’s a conversation about what we can do in moments of conflict with our kids and still remain conscious, and in the frequency of respect for our kids and self-love for all involved.  

I’m so excited for you to dive into the conversations.  It’s a mix of spirituality, science, and practical techniques you can use right away.

Here’s a little more about  Andréanne. She supports parents to better understand not only child development but also guides them into their inner world by exploring childhood patterns, working with their nervous system, and releasing deeply embedded feelings.  

She helps parents successfully shift their response to triggers, which creates disconnection, resentment, and conflicts; to a new way of interacting with others which restores connection, trust, and respect.

You can find Andréanne over on her website at Co Presence Coaching or helping women inside her Zen Parenting and Guilt Free Living Group Class (you’ll want to message her on IG for more info on this super cool container 😉)

All my love, 

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Additional Resources Mentioned

Andréanne’s Favourite Resources

▷ Gabor Maté (trauma): https://thewisdomoftrauma.com
▷ Kristin Neff (self-compassion): https://self-compassion.org and
▷ Marshall Rosenberg (non-violent communication): https://www.cnvc.org/
▷ Apps for feelings and needs Apple iGrok: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/igrok/id352477754
▷ Android Pocket NVC: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pocket.nvc&hl=fr_CA&gl=US

Connect with Andréanne 

▷ Website: https://co-presencecoaching.com/ 
▷ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/copresencecoaching
▷ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/co.presence.coaching/ 
▷ Services: https://co-presencecoaching.com/services

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