Hey Coach, Sacred Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Earthly Healer, and Cosmic Being

Deep down, you know commerce needs to be different than how we engage with it today.

You feel it in your bones how it’s unsustainable and takes away from spending true quality time with your family kids, loved ones.
not to mention, fitting in some self-tending time seems like you’re playing Tetris on the expert level … never quite being able to make all-the-thingS in life FIT SEAMELESSLY.
I see you

Current business conventions leave us hopeless and in a state of grind, fighting for a future for our next generation that seems more and more frightening as the years go by.

I do not pretend to have all the answers.

But I am ready to try and do things differently.

Together ..

  • We can redefine economics
  • We can lovingly demand more integrity form the business we are participating in
  • We can begin supporting with our words, social shares, and dollars businesses who try to leave the world a better place and desire to bring positive change to the world

Most of all, you are here because you want your business to be profitable as much as it sprinkles joy and makes people’s lives a little better!

If you are still reading these words, one thing I am certain of is that you chose to build your business from a desire to have freedom and sovereignty over your life …

And you’ll be damned if you create a CAGE by any other name for yourself.

Inhale deeply.
On the exhale,
Gently blow it all out, and release the tension.
Stretch your body if it feels good.

Take a moment to call yourself to yourself
Feel your entire power and sovereignty anchor inside you and fill your veins with life force.
Become aware of this Now moment.

Around here, we don’t make decisions from our shadows and fears.


• and so we begin •

Before you get to the sexy part of crafting offers and social invitations …

1. You need to spend some time in the dark and be clear on your gifts, strengths, your medicine that you naturally bring o the world.

2. AND you need to understand that your business is not YOU. It is an energy of its own, with its own soul, strengths, gifts, and desires. You chose each other to work together and bring sometime wonderful into the world.

Working together

Below is a proposed path on how we may work together with a deep understanding that as humans we do not operate in a linear fashion.

Enter where you need.

Revisit when needed.


Explore how we can work together

90 Minute

Meet the Energy of your Business

During our session, we will:
▷ Go on an inner journey for you to meet the energy of your Business
▷ Begin your relationship or deepen your existing connection to the Energy of your business
▷ Begin to understand your business’s strengths, style, messaging and what it desires to birth through you
▷ I will offer guidance on what I am sensing
▷ You will have a process to connect with the energy of your business to commune about important questions, strategy, your offerings, messaging, etc




A 1 – 3 day turn around to get through your punch list of back-end biz and funnel tasks for conscious business owners who desire to accomplish a significant amount of work in a condensed timeframe.

We can accomplish a lot during this time depending on what needs to be birthed. It might be needed for you to be on calls with me throughout the day or simply be available to make decisions and answer questions in a speedy manner.

The VIP Retreats can be used in a variety of ways
▷ To get through technology needs
▷ Develop a seasonal content calendar
▷ Business model, client journey and your offerings
▷ Work on your messaging based on your gifts, medicine, and the energy of your business




Energy coaching details:
▷ Together we enter this journey for 6 months
▷ On our first call we will commune with the energy of your business
▷ We will have 12 coaching sessions via Zoom, 2 weeks apart
▷ Each coaching session is 2 hours long (a mix of energy coaching, and business strategy/coaching, getting your tech unstuck, reviewing copy, creating your content strategy, or spending time ON where you on your business needs it most)
▷ You will have tasks and to-dos that will naturally be revealed after each session
▷ Voxer access to me for 6 months to communicate in-between sessions (I respond within 48 hours during business hours).

$3200 (or $535/monthly for 6 months)



I acknowledge that you have unique needs are are in your own rhythm in your life and business.

If you desire to work together but are unsure where to begin, I wholeheartedly invite you to book a virtual tea (or coffee) chat with me.

In this way, we’ll get to know each other and have a clear sense of how to move forward regardless if it’s with me or not … There is ZERO pressure to commit to anything.


• who is this for •

I work with conscious creators of their lives who constantly refine, discover, and embrace what it means to live an embodied life led by their Higher Selves.

▷ My clients are entrepreneurs who work tirelessly on themselves so that they can show up in deep service to human consciousness through their business.

▷ I work with creators who have a project they’d love to birth into the world (like a business, a book, a course) and need support with their creative process.

▷ I work with Souls who are committed to their inner work and go all the way until they have returned to self … until they have an intimate understanding of when it’s their conditioning making a decision and when it’s their Higher Self.

▷ My clients are mothers, fathers, and guardians who are devoted to their growth so that they can clear the way for their children and their children’s children. They desire to become the future ancestor that they already are.

To do this work successfully, here are a few things you’ll need.

▷ You are ready to be in devotion to your inner work and explore YOUR truths, wisdom, revelations, and lessons that desire to surface with wonder, curiosity, playfulness, and above all with love. 

▷ You can take radical self-responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can exercise your personal power and take ownership of your Truths as a Sovereign Soul to initiate, activate and integrate your healings.

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria!

Energy Coach, Sacred Space Holder, and your Cosmic Engineer of New Worlds.

My vision is to change not just the way in which we do business, but the reason why we do business.

While we have a long way to go before we can build a world in which commerce is sacred, built on integrity, and honours the person over profits …. I am after all a Capricorn sun and Virgo moon, who both are the most practical and realistic signs in the zodiac …

Yet I remember we are the future ancestors and that life is lived on Earth. I have a deep desire to acknowledge the current age of humanity AND lay the foundations to leave this world a better place than when I found it.

Fueled by the dream.
Anchored in the present.
Honouring the current age we are moving through.
Seeding the possibilities.
Rooting the dream into reality with the available aligned action, we move forward.

As an Energy Coach, when we work together you’ll benefit from receiving clarity on your vision, tuning into your Soul blueprint, feeling the desires of the energy of your business, clearing any fears, working your shadows, and transforming limiting beliefs.

My zone of genius happens to live in the realm of uncomplicating concepts (material and esoteric), organize them into workable language, plans, and instructions, and implement them to completion so that projects, dreams, and goals are brought to their full potential.


After our work together you will

▷ Refine your ability to tell the difference between your own frequency and the frequencies of unhelpful patterns, beliefs, your conditioning that you’ve inherited so that you can catch unhelpful actions in their tracks.

▷ Explore how to make the shifts needed in your energetics, thoughts, and feelings, that translate into you taking new actions more easily.

▷ You’ll learn to live your blueprint and navigate any energetic blocks, shadows, or resistance that desires to be explored when you are encountering them outside our coaching container. This technology is a life skill that will serve you forevermore.

▷ Have the ability to show up in your business and navigate your communication (emails, social posts, videos, promotional material, invitations to offers) with a sense of clarity and conviction in the thoughts and feelings you are communicating.

▷ Have a deep understanding of your own energetics and what offers, delivery methods, content creation systems, and business structures support your design so that you are not burned out following the “in style” business and marketing trend.

▷ You’ll have someone who holds a safe space to unpack the sense of being lost, confusion, anger and all the feels about how you can stay in your integrity and still make a prosperous living.