Your Inner Season is the …

Cosmic MAGICian

Hey Cosmic Magician!

I have a few words for you

Your Aligned Frequency

The Cosmic Magician captures the spark, the life force, the excitement of the idea, inspiration, vision, or desire and creates the right environment to make the transformation in the physical realm possible.

This is the season of summer and represented by the element of fire.

Your focus is to make use of the natural joy, and passion that comes with this archetype and mobilize the internal and external resources needed to nurture your projects from conception to growth. 

Embody the Frequency of the

Cosmic Magician

The inner season of summer comes bearing gifts:
  • Your voice will naturally capture your passion and joy making it as easeful as ever to share information about your offerings in sales mechanisms (webinars, workshops, sales videos) without feeling icky. Your words effortlessly come from a place of a genuine place of service that cannot be faked.
  • You can easily create verbal, written, or video inspirational content through blog posts, podcasts, or social media platforms.
  • You will have a lot of extra energy to host workshops, facilitate group sessions or mastermind circles without feeling like you’ll burn out holding space for others.
  • You are deeply attuned to the movement you wish to see if the world. Don’t hesitate to share about the cause others can rally behind in writing or by video.
  • You have the ability to speak authentically and in a way that inspires others to take action. This is a great superpower to use to nurture leads through personalized communication and relationship-building, collaborate with peers, or network and build new connections to amplify your message and reach a wider audience.
  • Beauty and freedom replenish you. Give yourself permission to savour creating gorgeous graphics, beautify your sales pages, or spruce up your workbooks for your workshops, courses or client handouts.


  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Drive
  • Joy
  • Passion
  • Courageous
  • Change maker
  • Radiant
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Catalyst
  • Ambitious

Your Shadow Frequency

When you are in the energy of the Cosmic Magician, you may at times dip into your shadow frequency.

  • Remain stagnant, passive,  and resistant to taking action.
  • You hesitate to seize opportunities, procrastinate on important tasks, and struggle to maintain a consistent work pace.
  • You avoid stepping out of your comfort zone
  • You experience a lack of progress, missed deadlines, and you shy away from opportunities for growth and success.
  • You desire to feel motivated again, to harness your focus, and take inspired action.
  • You feel unfulfilled, stuck in a rut, and disconnected from your true passions and aspirations.

Shadow Vibes


Embody your Inner Season

Align your tasks, priorities, and self-tending practices to create in alignment with your current energy capacity (without getting utterly overwhelmed and burned out …. again)

Music PlayLISt

Honor your natural rhythm and call forward your creative spark with music.

Grab your favourite drink, set up your workspace, and press play.


Tune into the season of expansion, abundance, and manifestation.


Energy Coach, Business Mentor, and your Cosmic Engineer of New Worlds.

My mission is to change not just the way in which we do business, but the reason why we do business.

While we have a long way to go before we can build a world in which commerce is sacred, we are the future ancestors who must lay the foundations to make our dream a real possibility.

Fueled by the dream.
Anchored in the present.
Honouring the current age we are moving through.
Seeding the possibilities.
Rooting the dream into reality with the available aligned action, we move forward.

An Invitation

Through community, rituals, sharing circles, and ceremony grounded in seasonal living, we offer a safe space for dreamers to rest, retreat, and reconnect with their creative rhythm.
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SpREaD the word

If you know of anyone who might benefit from this experience, I humbly ask that you share this event with them. How wonderful would it be to have a friend you can practice going in the record together long after this event has come to pass.

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