Do you feel your whole Being VIBRATING … REBELLING … CALLING your attention to something you know but can’t quite remember?

You feel as if you’re in a cage. The more its bars close in, the more you know it’s not your imagination. 

You feel it in your bones.  The sacred rage to break free.  There is more to this life than simply existing.

Your voice is simmering below the surface waiting to explode.

You feel yourself playing out your self-sabotage pattern, but can’t quite stop.  

You’ve tried to ride the waves of change before but failed, a nameless force pulling back into old patterns.

This time is different.  This time, no longer can you suppress your Soul trying to break free.  You’ve tried. It has your attention.  Your whole body vibrating with the need to remember who you are.  

The longing to reclaim your full Self is alive.  The desire to do something about it is burning.

Welcome to The Depths

One-on-One energy coaching to support you in living from your soul-inspired desires.

• I’m witnessing your discomfort •

You cannot move with sovereignty and freedom until you learn to love and accept the lovable and the unlovable parts of yourself.

In a world of uncertainty, the most important act you can do for yourself, future generations, and our collective, is to remember, reclaim, and re-learn to operate from your truest Selves

Letting go of what you inherited, coming back to your center, and begin to live from it, is how you change your frequency … and watch as the ripples affect all areas of your life. 

Changing the world can be overwhelming.

The most manageable thing you can do is peel back the layers until you find your authentic self.  

It’s what you have control over.

It’s how you slowly change the world. 

It’s how you become the ancestors of Earth’s future generations. 

When you step Into The Depths

You’ll feel me as a wide field of deep devotional love for your Essence.

You’ll enter and feel safe to go within with wonder and curiosity exploring the mysteries of your energy field and the depths of your subconscious.

You’ll courageously meet your potent wisdom and any lessons that desire to come forward.

You’ll shed tears of reverence when you realize how magical, supported, and powerful you are.

You’ll leave with a sense of awe, clarity, and amazement at what you uncovered.

Most importantly, you’ll feel Soul-deep inspiration to go forward in your day and live with renewed purpose, intention, and clarity.


I initiate with sweet surrender and curiosity for exploring the unknown. 

With childlike wonder and reverence, we explore your inner world.

You’ll bravely look and see. You’ll face the bad, the unlovable, and the denied parts of yourself.  

To reclaim them. Love them. And transform them. 

With awe, you’ll celebrate the magick that unfolds.

I invite you to feel beyond the words on this page. 

What comes up for you?

If you are here, your journey already began.  

May I have permission to walk this path alongside you?


And when you do take a new action, you’ll meet your dear friend RESISTANCE.

The only reason we go within is to be able to make changes to our outside circumstances.

In this work, you’ll be learning how to tell the difference between your own frequency and the frequencies of unhelpful patterns, beliefs, your conditioning that you’ve inherited.

In our work together, you’ll explore how to make the shifts needed in your energetics, thoughts, and feelings, that translate into you taking new actions more easily.

You’ll learn to live your blueprint and navigate any energetic blocks, shadows, or resistance that desires to be explored.

Act by act, choice by choice, in your everyday life you’ll be able to shift your circumstances and move from existing to living.

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria!

I’m a sacred space holder, transformation facilitator, and energy coach. 

In my Akashic Record Soul Blueprint, I’m a 7th Energy Center of Divine Power. 
In astrology, I was born on 1.11. I’m a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, and Pisces rising. 
In Human Design, I’m a Manifesting Generator.  
In the Tzolkin Mayan calendar, my day sign is Jaguar.

I began my spiritual journey because one day it hit me like a shit ton of bricks that I’m operating in all areas of my life based on what I inherited.  

My upbringing.  My conditioning.  My default patterns.  My limiting beliefs.  Society’s expectations of me. My habits. My self-sabotages.  My resistance mechanisms.  

They all ruled my world.  

And I wanted my freedom back.  I wanted to break free of my cage.  I wanted to know what my life can be like if I dared to reclaim my sovereignty.

I wanted to tell what I inherited (with all the love and light I could muster) to simply f*uck off. 

One by one, pattern by pattern, fear by fear, conditioning by conditioning, I find, I honour, and I do reverently release them. 


• who is this for •

I work with Divine Souls who are ready to understand who they truly are and desire support with deconditioning + shadow work.

▷ Souls who are ready to make changes to their health through nutrition

▷Conscious parents who desire to raise their children in a way that supports their gifts

▷Those who have a deep longing to know more about their soul’s gifts, their purpose, and how they can show up in the world that lightens them up!

▷ Creators who have a project they’d love to birth into the world (like a business, a book, a course)

▷ Souls who desire to understand how to make decisions, and recognize their best way forward, based on their authentic Self.

To do this work successfully, here are a few things you’ll need.

▷ You are ready to be in devotion to your inner work and explore your truths, wisdom, revelations, and lessons that desire to surface with wonder, curiosity, playfulness, and above all with love. 

▷ You can take radical self-responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can exercise your personal power and take ownership of your Truths as a Sovereign Soul to initiate, activate and integrate your healings.

Into the Depths


3 Month Energy Coaching Experience

▷ Together we enter this journey for 3 months
▷ One 90 minute welcome session
▷ We will have 6 coaching sessions via Zoom, 2 weeks apart
▷ Each coaching session is 60-90 minutes
▷ Your Soul work will naturally be revealed after each session
▷ Voxer access to me for 3 months to communicate in-between sessions (I respond within 48 hours during business hours).
BONUS (for Paid in Full for 3-month experience): I’ll gift you Your Soul Blueprint Book with information from your Akashic Records.

The Energetic Exchange

3-month experience – $1111 CAD
(payment plans available)

Let’s talk about working together

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Coaching?

Energy Coaching is a tool I use to examine your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and patterns of action. With curiosity and wonder we drop into what your mind, body, and energy system have to offer in terms of insights, lessons, and wisdom that desire to come forward.

It is a tool that helps you excavate your barriers and provides the opportunity to witness your unhelpful patterns of action to transform them to feel more authentic to your Being.

Do I need to be intuitive or be good a meditation?

Nope, you don’t need to know how to meditate! In fact, many who cannot meditate, find that they can journey beautifully well. Throughout this experience, you’ll find a by-product is learning how you “sense” information with your intuition and get better and better at how to interpret it so that it’s useful in your everyday life.