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Inner Journeys

Find your Wild Wonder Whispers

Free – $11 to $22 CAD, 60 min Online Zoom Gathering

In a world of uncertainty, the most important act we can do for ourselves, future generations, and our collective, is to remember, reclaim, and re-learn to operate from our truest Selves.

That’s why we gather.

Through inner journeys, you’ll explore your unconscious patterns. Uncover what you inherited. And act by act, choice by choice, come back to your sovereign center.

Our Next Theme:

The fears of operating from your true Self

Our Circle Theme ♥
• I’m witnessing your discomfort •

Taking a sacred step towards their soul-inspired desire can feel incredibly petrifying.

Not fully being able to explain in a logical way where your desire comes from can be

Do you feel like announcing you are taking a step based on your intuition makes something very private about you feel very public?

Even though you know you do not need to explain what you are being called to do, you can’t help but prepare yourself to justify your wants and desires to yourself and others.

You worry about how others will react when you communicate what you want to do next.

Your Exploration

In this Gathering you will be guided to explore your relationship with how it feels like to flow through on a breadcrumb, an intuitive hit, a Soul-deep desire.

What is standing in the way for you to voice your needs from the place of your heart so that you may take your next step into the unknown?

What you can expect.

During our journeys, you’ll feel the coolness of your inner cave begin to be warmed with the sweet sugary smell of wonder from the inside out.

Savouring each delicious discovery and piece of wisdom as you come home to yourself.

During our time together, you’ll begin to profoundly tap into your own wisdom and begin to understand the inner tension, that inner call, the voice that wants to come to the surface.

It’s not linear. It’s not always logical. At first glance, it does not seem like you can fit the totality of who you truly are and who you are becoming in the life we are currently living.

Through your own inner work, you’ll come to understand how to connect with your true Self, step into the mysteries of the unknown, and sense your way forward.


Join The Circle

Join us

Date: October 27th, 2022
Time: 12pm EDT
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: Free – $22 CAD (sliding scale)

Next Gatherings

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Tentative Dates and Themes of Next Gatherings

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022
Self-acceptance of what is SELF and what is Not-Self.

Thursday, November 10th, 2022
Mourning & Honouring the end of operating as old Self.

Thursday, November 17th, 2022
Planting the seeds of your soul-inspired desires.

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria!

I’m a sacred space holder, transformation facilitator, and Energy Coach in training.

When you step into my sacred space, you’ll feel me as wide field of deep devotional love for your Essence.

You’ll enter and feel safe to go within with wonder and curiosity exploring the mysteries of your energy field and the depths of your subconscious.

You’ll courageous meet your potent wisdom and any lessons that desire to come forward.

You’ll shed your tears with reverence for your magical experience.

You’ll leave with a sense of awe, clarity, and amazement at what you uncovered.

Most importantly, you’ll feel Soul-deep inspiration to go forward in your day and live with renewed purpose and intention.

Join me on an Energy Journey


Circle Manifesto

▷ We go deep.

▷ We are bold and sovereign.

▷ We courageously step into the unknown.

▷ We open our hearts to the wisdom of our energy space.

▷We release what no longer serves.

▷ We transform our shadows with grace.

▷ We cherish the revelations that invite us further into our everyday Soul Work.

▷ We reclaim every piece of ourselves.

▷ With every journey within, we show up more and more in our everyday lives centered and anchored our power.

▷ We make decisions that are in our best interest, and not because of pre-existing conditioning or because we “should”.

▷ We voice our boundaries with the truth of our hearts and fierce love.

▷ We communicate with authenticity without even “trying”.

▷ We can change long held habits that no longer serve.

▷ We can sense what we no longer wish to have in our lives.

▷ We feel in our bones what experiences we do want to have and have the fortitude to make them happen.


My aim is to provide access to this inner work technology to as many as possible. If you are facing financial hardship, or are a member of a minority, I invite you to attend free of charge. No questions asked.

I humbly ask if you find yourself able to donate $11 CAD or $22, to lovingly support my work.

I aim for 60 minutes however depending on what happens in our journey we can go shorter or a little longer.

If you cannot make it live, there will be a replay available for you to participate in the journey. However, you must sign up for the event to receive the link.

And act by act, choice by choice, may you feel energized to show up in the world as your most beautiful authentic Self.