Funnel Strategy + Creation + Implementation


Darling Soul, I see you with your deepest desire to create your business in service to the whole, to participate in sacred commerce. To contribute to a new way of doing business that honours the individual, the collective, and Mother Earth.

I’m witnessing yoU

My deepest desire is for you to feel supported as we tenderly translate your vision, goals, ideas, and dreams, into actionable, aligned, and workable language, plans, and instructions to bring them to life.

Are you Ready to Create your Business Funnel?

▷ You have your brilliant idea waiting to come to life, but any thoughts of tech seem a little daunting. Perhaps you are short on time or tech is not your zone of genius, I’ve got you.

▷ You desire to have your business operate free of icky salesy marketing messaging or slimy sales tactics.

▷ Maybe your system short circuits at the thought of anything close to “marketing & sales”.

▷ Perhaps you are struggling with applying traditional marketing concepts in your business while remaining true to your essence.

Your Funnel shall now be called a Bridge

While you will still have to use current technologies, systems, and yes, even marketing systems, there are many ways to weave sacredness into your systems, your customer journey experience, your services, and how you express yourself in your business.

Infusing energy coaching in the building of your funnels, systems and your bridge, my aim is to unravel your purest vision, desires, and goals and together we co-create your business systems with devotion and integrity.

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria

Energy Coach, Energy Channel, and your Cosmic Engineer of New Worlds.

My vision is to change not just the way in which we do business, but the reason why we do business.

While we have a long way to go before we can build a world in which commerce is sacred, we are the future ancestors who must lay the foundations to make our dream a real possibility.

Fueled by the dream.
Anchored in the present.
Honouring the current age we are moving through.
Seeding the possibilities.
Rooting the dream into reality with the available aligned action, we move forward.

As an Energy Coach and Energy Channeler, when we work together you’ll benefit from receiving clarity on your vision, tuning into your Soul blueprint, feeling the desires of the energy of your business, clearing any fears, working your shadows, and transforming limiting beliefs.

My zone of genius happens to live in the realm of uncomplicating concepts (material and esoteric), organize them into workable language, plans, and instructions, and implement them to completion so that projects, dreams, and goals are brought to their full potential.

Darling Soul,

It’s time to tend to the creation waiting to explode from inside you

Areas of Support


▷ ClARITY in your Messaging

▷ Creating your Customer Journey

▷ Creating your SOul Aligned Offers for which you can uphold energetically

▷ Inner journeys to gain INSIGHTS + clarity on your offer and business strategy


▷ Soul-based COPYWRITING (this service is done with you)

▷ physical creation of your Lead Magnet (PDF Design, OPt-In Page, Confirmation Page)

▷ Creation of your Quiz

▷ creation of SAles pages and integration into your tech systems (i.e. your Sales Funnel creation)

▷ Sales Page Copy review

▷ Email Sales + Nutrure SequenceS Impletemted

▷ Creation of a TECH space to house your MAstermind, Course, PROGRAM, and services.

▷ Creating your onboarding, CRM, and Offboarding systems

▷ Creation of Email Marking Systems, Task Systems, Content Creation Systems

▷ ongoing Tweaks to your Funnel

▷ Nurturing your Funnel as needed based on performance

▷ Assistance during Launch periods

▷ ongoing development of your Integrity-based Copywriting for emails, socials, or promotion periods

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if you are in need of creating a new funnel. This can be one of three things.

1. This can take many forms from a freebie such as a PDF download, an audio meditation, a quiz, etc.

2. You might need to create the sales funnel for your offer. This would involve creating the invitation pages, collecting payment, a system to deliver your offer.

3. Perhaps you are adding an additional component to your existing funnel structure and systems. This can be the addition of a webinar to a quiz, the creation of a upsell or downsell offer, etc.

If you are not sure, write to me with what you have in mind by visiting this page.

When creating the systems and processes for a free offer or for an invitation funnel into your paid offer, in my experience it is best to offer a custom quote. Everyone is at a different level of needs and it would be impossible to list all the scenarios on this page. Truly the best way to proceed is to come together and have an honest conversation about your needs and about how I can (or can’t) help.

Through exploring your needs, vision, and dreams, I will be able to provide you with a more specific quote. If you have a budget you need to keep to, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to share what is possible within that scope. You are in no way pressured to commit to anything during our call, but we do have to have an open conversation and explore possibilities.

Potentially yes. Depending on your vision and what systems you already have in place, there might be additional tools that will be needed. Nothing will be a surprise, as we discuss all possibilities in our call together.

Yes. In my experience when we are in the process of creating something we are attached to the outcome, we all need support.

I do not know how to create your project without also holding you in a safe energetic space so that you may process any fears, resistance mechanisms (such as confusion, procrastinating, backtracking, spinning, etc), or any thoughts that desire to be explored and transmuted. Sometimes you’ll need the practical side of energy coaching, and other times the energetic side of energy coaching to support the moment.

You my dearest Soul are going to be an active participant primarily helping feed the prayer field for your project. Your involvement will be needed as once the project begins, we will co-create. You will be needed for timely decisions, meetings, and if desired, gatherings with me for energy coaching to support you in your inner journey.

Your main responsibility will be to assist in keeping your project moving along nicely in a timely fashion. If you get stuck, don’t dwell, ponder, procrastinate or postpone. Reach out and voice what is happening in your internal system, (I am stuck, I am confused, I noticed I am constantly not wanting to do this work, help!, any of these are perfectly valid and acceptable!) as I am here to help you move through the ups and downs of creating.

I am familiar with a wide range of platforms. The choice of platforms depends on what you already have, what makes sense financially to invest in, what is easiest for you to use (because I believe you need to be empowered enough to make any changes you need … when you need them), and what can support your business for the longer run.

The combination of technology will be unique to you. I do not force you into any systems and tech software that you are not ready for financially or in complexity.

I’d be happy to explore your needs and if they are in my wheelhouse. On the inquiry form simply let me know what you have in mind and book your call where we can discuss them further.

There are some things that are not in my zone of genius (such as creating custom code). In this case, I will let you know with honesty. I do have a network of amazing Souls I could recommend to you instead, in any case, I will do my best to share what I know and set you off on your next breadcrumb