Hey Coach, Sacred Business Owner, Divine Entrepreneur, Earthly Healer, and Cosmic Being

Your business is one of the most creative endeavours you will participate in.

Entrepreneurship is also a gateway that brings up your limiting beliefs, your old conditioning that no longer serves, your shadow + fears + traumas, outdated patterns + habits that simply cannot follow you as you step into an evermore sovereign version of you.

I see you

I am witnessing your Divine tension

▷ Not trusting your own instincts because they are not part of a socially acceptable way to show up in business.

▷ Feeling forced to choose between all the various marketing tactics and feeling like you are compromising a piece of yourself with each one.  

▷ Realizing you’ve lost the essence of your purpose and direction in your business after implementing strategies based on what other perceived successful entrepreneurs are doing. 

▷ Being scared that regaining a sense of Self and implementing aligned business strategies will not yield you monetary abundance.

▷ Feeling the need to regain a sense of purpose, direction, and an understanding of who “I  am” … regaining a strong sense of Self you can anchor in and make life and business decisions from.

▷ Having trouble embodying your authentic self without labeling yourself as better, worse, worthy, or unworthy of money, clients, and relative ease in your entrepreneurial journey.

▷ Believing you can’t be prosperous making money by following your dreams and inspirations.

▷ Do not trust your own internal rhythm of life and can’t seem to be empowered to create habits, routines, and rituals that truly work with your energetics and the way you were designed to do business, therefore you lack consistency in doing the tasks that will grow your business.

▷ Have difficulty staying focused and concentrating on the execution of the details that are necessary to produce an end result in your business.

▷ Cannot see tasks and business goals through to the end and celebrate your accomplishments.

▷ Live in the energy of dissatisfaction.  Have a strong understanding of what you desire to change, yet cannot create lasting change as long as you believe your joy lies outside of you and somewhere in the future.

▷ You can sense the prosperity of your business, its potential to be in service to the human collective, and create change in many people’s lives, yet this vision is rooted somewhere in the future and feels too distant to grasp and understand how you can make it a reality right now.

▷ Letting the overwhelm reside in you when you are unsure of how to use structures, systems, and technology to support you. 

Well hot Damn … that felt heavy

Let’s take a moment to pause.

Inhale deeply.
On the exhale,
Close your eyes, blow it all out, and release the tension.
Stretch your body if it feels good.

Take a moment to call yourself to yourself
Feel your entire power and sovereignty anchor inside you and fill your veins with life force.
Become aware of this Now moment.


• Embody your Sacred Business Strategy •

In order to find and implement your very own sacred business strategy, you must do the work to Return to Self.  Unpeel the seemingly never-ending layers of your conditioning, limiting beliefs, resistance mechanisms, fears, and shadows.  

You can consult your astrology chart, your Gene Keys, your Human Design, or your Akashic Records and Celestial Councils all you want, but what you uncover must land

Like a lightning bolt going through your system illuminating and re-organizing your knowledge and wisdom.

Words are not necessary.  They will come.

What is needed is

1. For you to FEEL your frequency, taste your medicine, and only then will your energetics reorganize themselves with your new understanding.

2. Decipher what you sense and translate it into a realistic and practical real-world application (because as much as I LOVE being in energy space, we gotta get busy creating a biz and life we love)


Hi! I’m Ana-Maria!

Energy Coach, Energy Channel, Business Strategist, and your Cosmic Engineer of New Worlds.

My vision is to change not just the way in which we do business, but the reason why we do business.

While we have a long way to go before we can build a world in which commerce is sacred, we are the future ancestors who must lay the foundations to make our dream a real possibility.

Fueled by the dream.
Anchored in the present.
Honouring the current age we are moving through.
Seeding the possibilities.
Rooting the dream into reality with the available aligned action, we move forward.

As an Energy Coach and Energy Channeler, when we work together you’ll benefit from receiving clarity on your vision, tuning into your Soul blueprint, feeling the desires of the energy of your business, clearing any fears, working your shadows, and transforming limiting beliefs.

My zone of genius happens to live in the realm of uncomplicating concepts (material and esoteric), organize them into workable language, plans, and instructions, and implement them to completion so that projects, dreams, and goals are brought to their full potential.


• honouring the current age of humanity •

While you will still have to use current technologies, systems, and yes, even marketing strategies, there are many ways to weave sacredness into your business structure, your customer journey experience, your offerings, and how you express yourself in your marketing.

Using energy coaching, astrology, the Gene Keys, Human Design, and energy practices in the creation of your sacred business strategy, the implementation of your structures, and the continuous nurture and clean up of your own energetics, my aim is to unravel your purest vision, desires, and goals and help you co-create your business systems with devotion, integrity, and prosperity.

• My question to you is •
May I have permission to walk this path alongside you?


When you step Into my Energy Space

You’ll feel me as a wide field of deep devotional love for your Essence.

You’ll enter and feel safe to go within with wonder and curiosity exploring the mysteries of your energy field and the depths of your subconscious.

You’ll courageously meet your potent wisdom and any lessons that desire to come forward.

You’ll shed tears of reverence when you realize how magical, supported, and powerful you are (yes, you will cry at times, your work is that potent).

You’ll leave with a sense of awe, clarity, and amazement at what you uncovered.

You will have an innate understanding of your purpose, develop a continuous anchoring in what you stand for, work with your own medicine, and increasingly develop your ability to communicate and express yourself authentically.

Most importantly, you’ll feel Soul-deep inspiration to make decisions for your business from a place of deep alignment, desire to contribute to the collective and be in the frequency of prosperity.


After our work together you will

▷ Refine your ability to tell the difference between your own frequency and the frequencies of unhelpful patterns, beliefs, your conditioning that you’ve inherited so that you can catch unhelpful actions in their tracks.

▷ Explore how to make the shifts needed in your energetics, thoughts, and feelings, that translate into you taking new actions more easily.

▷ You’ll learn to live your blueprint and navigate any energetic blocks, shadows, or resistance that desires to be explored when you are encountering them outside our coaching container. This technology is a life skill that will serve you forevermore.

▷ Have the ability to show up in your business and navigate your communication (emails, social posts, videos, promotional material, invitations to offers) with a sense of clarity and conviction in the thoughts and feelings you are communicating.

▷ Have a deep understanding of your own energetics and what offers, delivery methods, content creation systems, and business structures support your design so that you are not burned out following the “in style” business and marketing trend.

▷ You’ll have someone who holds a safe space to unpack the sense of being lost, confusion, anger and all the feels about how you can stay in your integrity and still make a prosperous living.

• who is Energy + Business Coaching for •

I work with conscious creators of their lives who constantly refine, discover, and embrace what it means to create a life led by their Higher Selves.

▷ My clients are entrepreneurs who work tirelessly on themselves so that they can show up in deep service to human consciousness through their business.

▷ I work with creators who have a project they’d love to birth into the world (like a business, a book, a course) and need support with their creative process.

▷ I work with Souls who are committed to their inner work and go all the way until they have returned to self … until they have an intimate understanding of when it’s their conditioning making a decision and when it’s their Higher Self.

▷ My clients are mothers, fathers, and guardians who are devoted to their growth so that they can clear the way for their children and their children’s children. They desire to become the future ancestor that they already are.

To do this work successfully, here are a few things you’ll need.

▷ You are ready to be in devotion to your inner work and explore your truths, wisdom, revelations, and lessons that desire to surface with wonder, curiosity, playfulness, and above all with love. 

▷ You can take radical self-responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can exercise your personal power and take ownership of your Truths as a Sovereign Soul to initiate, activate and integrate your healings.

Return to Self

Energy + Business Coaching


6 Month Energy Coaching Experience

▷ Together we enter this journey for 6 months
▷ We will have 12 coaching sessions via Zoom, 2 weeks apart
▷ Each coaching session is 2 hours long (a mix of energy coaching and business strategy/coaching)
▷ Your Soul work and business work will naturally be revealed after each session
▷ Voxer access to me for 6 months to communicate in-between sessions (I respond within 48 hours during business hours).

The Energetic Exchange

6-month experience – $3200
(payment plans available)

Let’s talk about working together

Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Coaching is a tool I use to examine your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and patterns of action. With curiosity and wonder we drop into what your mind, body, and energy system have to offer in terms of insights, lessons, and wisdom that desire to come forward.

It is a tool that helps you excavate your barriers and provides the opportunity to witness your unhelpful patterns of action to transform them to feel more authentic to your Being.

This type of coaching is perfect if you are looking at using energy tools and spiritual technologies to anchor you even further in your essence.

Yet, exploring your internal system will not allow you to automatically embody what you find. We are here to explore what it means to live consciously and experience being the creators of our lives.

This type of coaching takes what we explore in the Unseen realms and through our discussions and holds you tenderly as you explore how to embody your truth and move in the world with sovereignty.

As a business owner, you have to make a lot of real and impactful decisions. You are supported both energetically and strategically.

On a case-by-case basis, we can discuss a three month coaching container or to spend a longer length of time together.

Book a no-pressure and no obligation call for us to explore your needs and desires.

We may keep working together or you may choose to go into the world and business following your next best breadcrumb.

I believe we cross paths for a reason. To support each other in a certain ways. To illuminate lessons. To bring forward wisdom.

I also believe it may be for a short while or a long while. I honour and recognize our relationship will change and evolve over time, therefore, let’s simply embrace the natural rhythm of our connection.

Your willingness and commitment to go within and explore your inner landscape with curiosity and wonder.

Your ability to show up for yourself and for our calls and take radical self-responsibility for the lessons and wisdom that desire to come forward.

Part of our time together is to be spent on your business strategy and needs, your organization skills to come prepared with any links, information, and access requirements that will make it easier for us to dive in and explore rather than tinker with logistics.

I deeply desire to know your birth information for the purpose of working with your astrology chart, your Gene Keys, and your Human Design profile. While I am not officially certified in any of these modalities, I use them every day for myself, with my peers, and with my clients. Used strategically, they are an incredible catalyst in helping us discern shadow and gift frequencies and assist in anchoring in our truest selves.

There is no tech support as part of this coaching container. It is purely designed so that you can feel held as you navigate the ups and down of entrepreneurship.

As we gather for 2 hours, what is included as part of that time is to assist you in your business strategy. Whether we crunch numbers after a launch to assist you in making decisions about your funnel, dropping in energy space to write an invitation (sales) page, mapping your offers, helping you write email sequence copy, assist with writing your webinar script, any reviews of existing processes/systems/copywriting/strategy you are desiring assistance with, or develop your next aligned strategic steps, we can cover all this and more during our time together.

A prayer for you

May you find groundedness, clarity, and peace in your Return to Self.

May you embrace and accept all parts of yourself and love the lovable and unlovable parts of you. 

May you continue to courageously look within and peel the layers of your conditioning.

May your shadows be kissed by your light.

May you let go in sweet surrender your identity and get anchored in your Being.

May you continue to explore the nuanced frequencies of what it means to operate in life and business from your Higher Self.