Hi! I’m Ana.

▷ In my Akashic Record Soul Blueprint, I’m a 7th Energy Center of Divine Power. 
▷ In astrology, I was born on 1.11. I’m a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, and Pisces rising. 
▷ In Human Design, I’m a Manifesting Generator.  
▷In the Tzolkin Mayan calendar, my day sign is Jaguar.

I began my spiritual journey because one day it hit me like a shit ton of bricks that I’m operating in all areas of my life based on what I inherited.  

My upbringing.  My conditioning.  My default patterns.  My limiting beliefs.  Society’s expectations of me. My habits. My self-sabotages.  My resistance mechanisms.  

They all ruled my world.  

And I wanted my freedom back.  I wanted to break free of my cage.  I wanted to know what my life can be like if I dared to reclaim my sovereignty.

I wanted to tell what I inherited (with all the love and light I could muster) to simply f*uck off. 

One by one, pattern by pattern, fear by fear, conditioning by conditioning, I find, I honour, and I do reverently release them. 

I deeply believe we should all be taught how to blend the spiritual and material worlds. To understand how to use frequency, energetics, our thoughts, and feelings to create new behaviours that will serve our most authentic self-expression. 

There’s not a single human being who has tried to elevate the human experience to that of joy, freedom, love and alignment who will not have their shadow patterns show up to say “hello”.

Shadow patterns.
Negative karmic patterns.
Negative choices.
Blocks and restrictions.

Call it what name feels good to you.  Ultimately these are the parts of you that you rather not see, acknowledge, or deal with. 

In my world instead of hiding them away behind positivity or temporary coping mechanisms, we do something different.

We witness them.
We talk to them.
We love them. 
We understand them.
We Integrate them.
We release them.

We enlist them to help take new action.

Here, we bring you to your truth and transform what’s standing in your way. 

This is what changed my life and brought me from the depths of depression to tasting joy. My journey will forever unfold and I’d be honoured to share what I learn along the way.

True healing takes new action. 

Change is always portrayed as being hard. 
And it can be if you are going at it blind.
When you have the tools, processes, framework to turn the power your shadows had into positive energy, you step into a version of yourself that is joyful, powerful, aligned, and unstoppable.


You can see it. Feel it. It’s so close.
It’s also terrifying to follow through.

▷ Letting go of thought patterns that don’t serve you.
▷ Facing your Shadow.
▷ Courageously voicing your boundaries.
▷ Claiming your power back.
▷ Taking the first step towards change.

My Favs

Fav Drink

Matcha Latte





Fav HOliday


Here are some things that brings me joy.

▷ Kisses and cuddles with my two boys
▷ A warm cup of tea on a cool morning [while wrapped in a blanket and fuzzy slippers]
▷ How my body feels after a workout
▷ My devotional practice
▷ Slow mornings
▷ Being in any place where the water meets the earth 
▷ Collecting knowledge.  I’m a Mani-Gen with a line 1 / 3.  If you’re familiar with Human Design, you’ll know what I mean is that I’m wired to learn and share it.
▷ The art and science of human transformation.
▷ When I witness someone in their joy.

My Training

Honouring my teachers and trainings.

∞ Future Energy Coach (Devoted Energy Coaching School)
∞ Soul Realignment Akashic Record Practitioner – Level 3 – (Soul Realignment®)
∞ Certified Culinary Nutritionist (Academy of Culinary Nutrition)
∞ Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding Level 1 (SOS Approach)
∞ Diploma in Natural Nutrition (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition)