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Not prioritizing your time based on your energy capacity will lead to burnout. Find your inner season and work with your strengths!



Embody your Inner Season

Align your tasks, priorities, and self-tending practices to create in alignment with your current energy capacity (without getting utterly overwhelmed and burned out …. again)

Hi! I’m Ana-Maria!

Energy coach, circle + retreat space holder, and holistic nutritionist.

I am a recovering people pleaser who is putting down deep roots into my true essence.

I was tired of being overwhelmed and being at the mercy of life’s events.
I was done feeling so depleted because I’ve taken care to orchestrate a perfect day for everyone else, taking on responsibility that wasn’t even mine.

I want to truly live … as me.
I desire to have a say. To place my requests. To be the conscious architect of my life.
I am reconfiguring my being. I am returning to myself. I am the powerful engineer of my life.

I deeply desire to create a space where we can pause to remove the lenses that obscure your vision from who you truly are. A space where you can return to yourself and remember who you are before the world told you who to be. A space where you can practice making decisions from your true essence, break the patterns and do things your way.

The Sanctum, is a space where your dreams find their sacred home … because you’ll finally have a safe space to navigate the chaos of the stars and dream them into being.



A Prayer

To those who hope there’s something more, but can’t quite see it.
To those who long to understand who they truly are.
To those whose voice is simmering below the surface waiting to explode.
To those who want to find their Soul’s purpose
To those who are stuck self-sabotaging and want to break the chain.
To those who want to transform their lives but don’t know where to start.
To those who’ve tried to change over and over, but failed … a force standing in their way.
To those who see a place in their mind where a beautiful future exists … where they are joyful, physically strong, and free, but don’t know how to get there.

I see you.  I hear you. I feel you.
You are not alone.